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Work and Life Balances

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Organizing Work and Life Balances
Our Manifesto for Work and Life Balances
We categorize interests and grievances

Each circle of people is a circle of influence in unions and civil rights groups worldwide. Each person can input words, pictures, and movies to protect themselves and their circle.

We build hierarchies and teams

Pushunion.org offers a unique profiling system to build hierarchies into forces of communal nature. With pushunion.org, you CANNOT register alone. Each registration requires at least 2 or more gathered together. Unite!

We support sociopolitical interactions

Pushunion.org allows your circle-team to organize, bundle, and share between life points, at specific times, and on specific days to various media outlets or other pushunion.org members to increase sociopolitical interactions and engagment.

Definition of Union

A Union is a sociopolitical organization structured by a hierarchy containing people with common interests or features such as skillsets, ideas, race, heritage, culture, and/or customs.







Union #1:  Civil Rights

PUSH grievances for civil rights, bringing visibility to wrong doings, or supporting the rights of others can be organized and planned for powerful release using pushunion.org. Just Register, activate, and begin controling content for your own blog or to release to social media outlets and other blogs. Life may not be easy but using pushunion.org, life changing content can be bundled and shared almost anywhere.

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Union #2:  Food Unions

Food is central to everyone but food unions also considers health as a cental component, especially during pandemic situations like the latest COVID 19. A union of caterers, cooks, chefs, family preparers, health enthusiats, doctors, healers, and such communicating in various types of small and large groups could provide a blog that benefits thousands of people, relieving some pressure on governments and health organizations to solve all of our health needs..

Featured Food ProjectsLoose-leaf Teas and Deliciously Quick Snacks

Exotic Teas And Drinks

Push Union online is an Art and Tea Lounge that specializes in relaxing exotic teas and drinks that promise to satisfy.

Starting at $2.00

Chicken Snacks - Catered on Demand

Push Union online seeks out the best grilled or flame-broiled chicken snacks in Dallas. RATS on-demand caters and serves chicken dishes.

Starting at $5.00

12 in. Pizzas - Catered on Demand

Push Union online staff and members loves pizza. So we pick up pizzas for visitors and members that hang out with us. Call or email.

Starting at $11.99

Salads - Catered on Demand

Push Union online knows that salads feed the mind. Thinkers need fuel so we cater salads with all the toppings. Call or email

Starting at $12.99

Start an E-commerce Blog
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Union #3:  The Information Union

Residential Art and Technology Studio, or RATS, designs and connects people to information using kiosks.  Kiosks benefit sponsors by driving exponential financial growth in industry as well as being a great resource for diagramming spaces.  -   see example media from Zivelo® below -  
(please note, Zivelo is not one of our sponsors, example only).

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Union #4:  Enterprise Unions

An enterprise union can use the RATS network, online tools, coordination services, and interactive exhibition research to brand, encourage, showcase, and inspire the innovation within the world and identify unions that pair well with the objectives and processes of the fortune 1000.  The graphics below exemplify a process oriented mentality. If you identify with this approach in a bi-drectional way, you may belong inside an enterprise union.

Our creativity is your success

We curate and showcase projects designing, developing, or supporting interactive technologoies manifested to support people inside of unions, not just the leadership!

Creative challenges are our passion

Our designers and developers work closely together to build a creative and positive working environment through our Push Union Grievance Platform. Functionality is as important to us as aesthetics.

How Push Union Works


Register your Circle of Influence

Each person in a circle is acquainted with each other and register to share their notes of interests, concerns, and grievances.


Circles capture words, pictures, and films

Throughout the work day, circles of people capture and store their notes for analysis.


Add more People and Notes to Circle

While each circle works on their project or job, each circle adds and shares details within their notes.


Circles of Influence Analyze And Check Notes

Circles meet, analyze or check the work they have done to support unions and make any necessary changes.


Each person can file Grievances with their Union Leadership supported by their Circle of Influence

Any grievance projects are completed and communicated to the highest members of the union or company sponsor.

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Union #5:  The Designers Union

For every one artist, actor, or actress in front of the movie camera, there are dozens if not hundreds of professionals behind the camera that enable a media production to come to fruition.

In our system, design unions negotiate partnerships to organize technologies used by these professionals into a hybrid "makerspace" for access by sponsors.  Seven categories of trending technologies are highlighted below.

"A scrap is something you recover specifically to use it to make something new."

DB Osseo Asare

"The physical space of kiosks trends toward a more democratic forum for Work and Life Balance."

written by dailytexanonline.com

"You can stay in the real world and interact with real people as you simultaneously explore 3-D in 3-D."

spoken by Gadget Icon @ youtube.com

"I started thinking about frames (film) and what they represent. A frame is just a window."

spoken by Chris Milk

"The ultimate wearables are weavables, headables, and waistbeadables."

by pinterest.com

"Today, you can buy a cheap consumer drone that gives you the capability of flying up to seven or eight kilometers away."

spoken by Kamarul A. Muhamed @ TEDxSunwayUniversity

"artwork serves as a bridge through which I can reconcile and communicate collective cultural ideals"

written by Andrew F. Scott


designed to brag about

The unions of a design village are designed for both large and small companies to thrive and grow through an experiential ecosystem that invites organizations to pay forward to trending and growing technologies of the future while incorporating diversity and inclusion.

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Union #6:  The Artists and Media Union

The media you share, produce, and experience as a union occurs during the channeling of four categories - interactive technologies, music, film, and creative arts.

These 4 categories pour a cultural buoyancy into any creative or marketing agency.

Reach different Audiences

Communicate different Ways

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Union #7:  The Teachers and Trainers Union

The ability to teach or train young people and office workers from a remote location will continue to be necessary and will not subsist. A union of teachers, trainers, and practitioners coworking together to not only transfer knowledge but to innovate that transference may be the single most important responsibility in the future.

Project-Based Learning

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