Fleet Service Registration


Overcome Work Fatigue, Fears, and Uncertainties by:

  1. Controlling your own Narratives concerning your Life;
  2. Controlling your own Folders containing your Narratives;
  3. Controlling the people who view, contribute, subscribe, and support to your Narratives and Folders;
  4. Registering your account, influencer(s), subscriber(s), and supporter(s) inside the Push Union platform;
  5. Capturing and collecting evidence (images, video, words, documents, etc.) inside the Push Union platform for easy recording of your team's Digital Experiences now;
  6. Supporting yourself and others later with information from the Push Union platform during tough times, confusing times, or times of strife;
  7. Sharing your Digital Greivances with other teams can support official company greivances or processes later;
  8. "Seeing something and saying something" using a modern Push Union platform for communicating to team(s) of subscribers and supporters will benefit your co-workers now and for your complete career;
  9. Promoting a work-life balance by sharing Experiences such as Travel to build faster and stronger alliance between co-workers and work-groups.

Registration is completely free with proof of your Company ID.
These are only some of the Benefits!


  1. Enter data under the ACCOUNT section.
    • Make sure to input a UNIQUE Team Name
    • Make sure to input a UNIQUE Short Team Name between 4 and 8 letters
    • Input other required information with "*"
    • Click NEXT.
  2. Enter data under INFLUENCERS section (socialites, talkers, motivators, organizers, stewards, etc.).
    • Input Influencers who are the person(s) who start or own this account
    • Input Influencers who are responsible for hosting and leading discussions
    • Input Influencers who are social enough to attract and add more people to this account to push union.
    • Influencers use a scrum technique to manage Digital Folders by adding stories and attaching storyboards with links, pictures, documents, and videos.
    • Influencers lead discussion to merge or partner with another team account. Bigger accounts push union more.
  3. Click the ADD button to add INFLUENCERS data to LIST.
  4. Repeat 02 and 03 for all INFLUENCERS. Click NEXT.
  5. Enter data for the CIRCLE section.
    • Input People in a Circle who represent person(s) who join this existing account without ownership priviledges.
    • Input People in a Circle can also add stories and storyboards to Digital Folders in the same manner as influencers.
  6. Click the ADD button to add CIRCLE PERSON data to CIRCLE LIST.
  7. Repeat step 05 and 06 for all People in a Circle. Click NEXT.
  8. OPTIONAL: Enter data for OTHERS section.
  9. OPTIONAL: Click the ADD button to add OTHERS data to THIRD PARTY LIST.
  10. OPTIONAL: Repeat step 08 and 09 for all OTHERS. Click NEXT.
  11. After the grey box appears (popup), read directions and click cancel or ok.
  12. After clicking OK, a REGISTER button should appear.
  13. Click the REGISTER button.
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